Help pleeeease!!

Hi all, so ive been working on trying to get smoke simulations down, but every time i render one out, it looks good most of the way through the playback, but for a few frames and a series of frame in the sequence, it is as if the lighting changed direction… it looks terrible… I cant think of what im doing wrong… but i really dont want to keep rendering out these clips if they aren’t gonna work… I am rendering on my gpu and hoping thats not the problem… but i just dont know…

Currently running 2.78c and rendering on a gtx 1080… i threw a clip on youtube if anyone could tell me what they think the flickering is… Check it out… and thanks for any help in advance!!!..

Looks really cool. Looks like it’s jumping frames. Is it smooth if you manually run through sequence?

No, it changes on the particular frames… I think it has something to do with the Adaptive Domain scaling incorrectly when i bake the smoke simulation…

hope it might help you… blender ink blob LucyS.blend ( // Thread: problems with paint blob in water

Thanks for the links!!.. still cant get through this flickering issue though… im wondering if it may just be an inherent trait of using the adaptive domain and because i am trying to accomplish extremely dense and defined volumes it is very noticeable… hope there is a way around it without increasing render times much more than they already are…

“Maybe it’s…”, could we just stop the guessing game - simply provide your test scene.

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