Help port this simple addon

can someone update this addon for 2.8. it is very simple curve splitter i tried to do it myself but i dont know any coding whatsoever and just confuses my brain any help would be appreciated

link to addon [Addon] Bezier Curve Split Tool

hey just checked it out but it doesnt seem to have that functionality of selecting a specific single vertex on a curve and splitting it in the same curve without creating a new curve or in this addon it splits all segments and creates new curves which i just want to separate specific points

thanks to Khemadeva see updated version of Bezier Curve Split Tool here
[Addon] Bezier Curve Split Tool

thanks works perfectly ill send a thank you note khemadeva as well

here another addon which can do split curves…

theres an error after installation doesnt get enabled. traceback error no module found named curve tools 1