Help? problem with array on curve

so heres the .blend so everyone gets what im saying

anyway, i need the peg to follow the curve as an array. It wont, got curve modifier on there, got the array fit to curve modifier on there…it wont follow it…it just goes in a straight line

okay so wont let me upload the blend either :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, thats the only stuff ive got on it except for an edge modifier, which shouldnt be causing this. the bezeir curve is selected in both boxes (both the array and curve modifiers)

ok now when i move the center vertices for the curve it messes with the array and the peg, but its stretching them thats all

Try applying scale, rotation and location. (CTRL+A - while in object mode)
Also its really important to have the origin point in the correct position. Hope that helps some.

finally got it. Heres what I did in the end. put two array modifiers on 1 that allows it to array via the curve and 1 that allows it to array based on how many there are. next I added the curve modifier. shouldnt the curve modifier and the array just automatically allow the array to continue on the path? or at least have the option to?