HELP! Problem with background image

Hello all,

I’m new to blender, and following some video tutorials in order to learn ao to work with it, i’m now trying to build a model of a cartoon i sketched according to “basic of blender” videos.

Now i’v made a sketch as i said with front and side view, the problem is that when i import the image file into blender and zoom up the image repeats itself like the image below:


ON BLENDER (when i zoom up):

How can i resolve this?

If you send me the .blend file with the file, I can fix it for ya. I can hardly read your screenshots.

Thank you celestialberry, how can i send them to you? email?
I got a workaround as i was using my laptop, on my desktop (wich has a diffrent graphics card) this problem doesnt exists, i can zoom in without a problem.