Help put a name to the logo

It has become increasingly obvious, that the name I’m using for my website is not going to work… I love the name and I love the logo, but iTF is used by other groups (international tennis federation is a big one)

Also, the url I wanted is not available, taken by the international tennis federation, and imaginethefuture is also used by other groups. There is a company called imagine the future llc!

So, I’ve decided to redesign my logo and rename the website… But I cannot think of any names that have already been taken.

So, I need help coming up with a name… Here’s the new logo, and a link to the current website.

Credit will be given to whoever comes up with the best name… The website is non-profit, so if someone gives me a name, I won’t benefit financially from it.

EDIT: I have changed the look and color scheme of the new logo


wellll my specailtiy…not really ;). {actually ive been hired to make a youtube intro for radagastthethirds videos on his channel ;)}
so u want a new name welll

how about
Imagination Processor
Turn to Reality
Spin to Reality
(these are just somethings i came up with)

i also emailed ur email on ur website

ps do u get money from the ads?

No, the only reason the ads are on the website, is so they can host it for free… I need to host it elsewhere though, because I’d like to put up my own layout, but the site wont allow me to.

Possible stroke of genius?!

How about Red Spin Studios?

How about “What goes around comes around” or WGACA for short?

Good luck!

Keep the center red, but then break the color wheel into forths (or a square)
and use the other colors for the spiral arms. Just a thought…
Heck you could even ramp the colors from quadrent to quadrent if you wished. It all depends on what you wish for others to view.

1red core
icesis Red
3Tango Dynamics
Real Bullshyte
5Red crap Creator

Okay, I am not kidding here. This is a serious question for newbies like me (only about six years with blender). Now let us start with something very simple. I will make a plane and start it with yellow. Now I would like it to transform in color from yellow to blue (top to bottom, left to right, it does not really matter). I want all the shades in between, easy on the eyes right? Now this should be somewhat easy to do, am I correct? Well, pondering this I get lost in all of the procedures and details. It really is not as simple as it may seem to be. Then I guess that we can go from blue to purple and etc. as we waltz about our color circles, ad infinitum. Perhaps we could even have them all on the same plane?
Well, pardon my ignorance! I just sort of thought that we were all here to learn stuff. I am not ashamed to admit that I don’t know it all, and would be very happy to learn from all of you folks as no doubt some of you are more knowledgeable than I am in the finer arts of blender. So, maybe we could just start with being comfortable about asking questions and helping one another? I don’t know, when I can, I put in my $00.02 worth.
So anyway, let’s start with a simple yellow plane that changes to blue across its space with no visible transitions while following the color wheel. Easy right? Well then, shall we all learn together? Okay, who wants to be first to explain how to do this? It can’t be that difficult, and I know that it is not impossible, and you just never know who you might be helping out. I would also ask for no more “LOLs” towards newbies such as myself or others. We all had to start somewhere, remember?

Thanx, pix

Well then, shall we all learn together? Okay, who wants to be first to explain how to do this? It can’t be that difficult, and I know that it is not impossible, and you just never know who you might be helping out.

The stuff you need to know is right in front of your eyes, Care to read and understand the wiki tutorials which are already out there ,dont expect to be spoon fed all the time!!

I like Red Core Studios… Might go with that…

Also, I want to keep the logo simple with a 2 color look. If I keep with the dark gray and red, then I have a simple color scheme to work with on the new website.

The logo reminds me of a solar system.

Re[d:]warf Studios

That´d be 10k bucks for counceling and corporate design :smiley:

I’m sticking with Red Core Studios.

Thankyou superhero for the great name!! If you could, email me at [email protected] with your name and any contact info such as a website or portfolio or something, so that I may post a link on the website and give you credit.