Help: python in mac os

Hi all,

This is the first time I have used blender to make a game map (for a quake mod), and I need to export the map to ASE. How does one access the script from blender? If I place the .py in the scripts dirctry, within the blender app package, blender does not see it :confused: I assume that the “Bpymenus” doc needs to be changed… am I right? If so how?

Hope this is the right section for this

Nevermind people, figured it out on my own! Thanks anyway :smiley:

whats the answer?

This may have been fisked in the latest release, but to add scripts manually:

  1. Download your script. Make sure that the file has the extension .py at the end. If it doesnt, change it please.

  2. Open up your blender folder. Right click on the blender app and select “show package contents.” For those of you who dont know, most apps in mac os are really just directories, and the actual binary is somewhere inside that. This puts most of the necessary files in one place, and allows for those “drag and drop” installs we know and love.

  3. Then, without closing that, search (within that “package”) for .blender. Inside this subfolder should be two files: a document called bpymenus, and a folder called scripts.
    Go ahead and make an alias of that .blender folder and place it wherever you want, so you can get to it easy.

If you have an app like tinkertool, macpilot, or mainmenu, you can just “show invisibles/hidden” to see this.

  1. Double click on your downloaded python script. There will probably be a header like this at the top:

Name: ‘ASCII Scene (.ase) v0.6.2’
Blender: 240
Group: ‘Export’
Tooltip: ‘ASCII Scene Export (*.ase)’

remember that number- in this case 240.

  1. Now open up that bpymenus file in textedit. Scroll down to the group your script should be in- in my case it would be ‘Export.’ Make a new line (hit return).

  2. Type your infos like all the other lines, but replace the. It should look just like this:

‘3D Studio (.ase)…’ 240 0 ‘Export to 3DS file format (.ase).’

The first bit before the elipsis is the name that appears, the part that says (in mine) is the name of the file (copy directly from the file on the desktop, or wherever your script is), and last bit is the description. Change yourse as necessary. The number (240 in mine) is the number from before. Save the list.

  1. Move the python script to the scripts folder.

  2. Open up blender, and use it!

Edit: Btw, try adding your script to the .blender > scripts folder and then updating first, before you do this. If built in method works, then you will save yourself alot of time. For some reason it didn’t work for me (it did work on my Windoze copy though).

Thanks for this!