Help !!! Rats!!

(hannibar) #1


modelled and rendered in blender. Post processed with photoshop.

comments and suggestions are welcome[/img]

(S68) #2

Cool !

Suggestion: wiskers!


(BMD) #3

Awww, aren’t they sweet?:smiley:
i’m for the whiskers idea.
try giving it an enviroment (i.e. a view with a tiled kitchen floor)

great work!

(hannibar) #4

(i.e. a view with a tiled kitchen floor)

hey! Good Idea! Thanks.

(kEinStein) #5

Errrhhh… :o Cool!

What have they been fed with?! Cats?! :wink:

(roma) #6

Wow cool. I like the composition

(mthoenes) #7

Wicked Underbite - Can you turn up the specularity on the eyes and nose. This will add more life to the little critters.

Very cool composition.

(Andy Goralczyk) #8

really nice, i like it :smiley:


(Bapsis) #9

Thats some mighty large lower jaws, looks really cool tho!!! :wink: Good work, now we just need a few mouse traps…


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(BMD) #10

ooooo! On the note of mouse traps, why not human traps? good job again

(VelikM) #11

Wicked, set of teeth! Thats an interesting point of view.