Help really need help getting rid of ''my search bar''

hey all somhow iv recently been infected by some tool bar that comes up everytime i open internet explorer iv tried what loads of websites say to un install it by going to add and remove then select it but i get this error “Error loading C:\PROGRA~1\MYWEBS~1\BAR\1.BIN\mwsbar.dll
The system cannot fin the path specified”
Please help me!!

I don’t know how to fix your problem, but I know how to stop it ever happening again. GET MOZILLA (sry for the shoutin’ just had to make sure you know :wink: )


use the uninstaller [either in add remove programs in control panel, or on bar itself, in a menu somewhere]

then, go back with adaware

then install windows xp service pack 2 [if you have it already you ought to be able to disable it with tools-> manage add-ins]

mozilla firefox is nice, but windows xp sp2 introduced a bunch of features which make IE really not that bad anymore [you can ignore the activex control install thing because it is just as obvious as the popup blocker blocking something]

hey zero i said i cant use the add and remove becouse of the error above but where is the un install thing on the bar?


Fudge: download and install Adaware and Spybot. Update them using the functions within each program. Run them both (not at the same time) and then delete the entries they pick up.

Both of these programs are designed to pick up Spyware. To avoid spyware in the future, either install SP2 or switch to a different browser like Firefox or Opera. Update and run Adaware and Spybot at regular intervals to keep your computer free from spyware and other irritations like that search bar.

Stop going to sketchy porn/warez/illegal/etc websites. That’ll help loads.

I once repaired a computer that had more than 6 major viruses/trojans in it because this kid was looking through so many free porn sites and had no freaking clue what he was doing. I almost decided to just format the computer, they’re really hard to get out sometimes.

yea i saw this problem. the my search bar is hiding a trojan(or virus can’t remember). Anyway you should know there is no know way to remove it as it reinstall itself from the web. i strongly suggest you to uninstall internet explorer and get firefox. or format. in all case. don’t use ie anymore.

you can’t uninstall internet explorer

using mozilla is a good idea anway
[personally, I like opera better, but mozilla or firefox is probably has more broad appeal]

and you can corrupt or rename the dll if you like

a new feature in windows xp service pack 2 [from the colors I assume you don’t run XP], manage add ins [in tools menu of IE] ought to allow you to disable that.

spybot and adaware [particularly if run from safe mode] will allow you to remove it.

ok thanks all i got this from messenger plus (msn addon) but i forgot the check the little box that says do not install advertisments anyways thanks guys i got spybot s&d but it didnt catch anything but ill try adaware soon. btw zero why is it better to do in safe mode?


in safe mode most things don’t start with your computer. Drivers, applications, whatever. When spyware is running, it is more difficult to remove [so, you’d get the same thing as installing some software, you’d have to reboot and the installation would continue there]

windows doesn’t let you delete files that are being run at the moment, in safe mode they will probably not start running