Help! rendering odd

edit: so sorry it was just the clipping distance I think I was adjusting the wrong thing before. Works perfectly now :slight_smile:

Hi guys so here is the story.

I’m very new to blender juste started the other day for some fun and just wanted to build a world I could walk around.

I downloaded the FPS template which was great as it had all the movement controls I needed I simply modded it from there taking away the gun pics etc in front of the camera.

What I’ve tried to do is create a grassy area with a sort of pseudo sky dome type thing (it’s more a sky cylinder) however when looking around these big grey areas appear when far away. I’ve checked some things like the camera settings and stuff suggested elsewhere but not had any look. Would anyone be able to have a quick look and let me know the problem I’m thinking it’s something stupidly obvious for most here :slight_smile:

Here’s a copy of the blend file if you could let me know if it works or not as well,

Thanks in advance guys!

Would help to mark thread as solved. The how is in tutorial linked in my signature.

You won’t see anything if it is further away than the camera clip end distance so it will turn the same colour as the viewport colour (grey). Increase the clip end distance

And done, thanks and sorry still new to the forum :slight_smile: