Help Rigging eyes

I’m try to set the eyes so it’ll rig and move with the characters but the eyes just go all over the place. How do I fix this?

Very often, the eyes are constrained to “point to” an empty that is set in an appropriate location in front of the character’s face and then parented to the head. Animate the empty, and the eyes follow. Turn the head, and the empty goes with it. You can use NLA to expand on this idea, e.g. to cause the person to begin to look in the direction that his head is about to turn.

I will give that try but won’t the empty need to be parented to a bone? sorry didn’t read that right. what is NLA btw?

The main issue with that file, looking at Cube.018 (your eye? naming stuff will help you and us troubleshoot, and aid communication), is that the eyes aren’t placed anywhere proper.

I think that you probably aren’t very familiar with the use of a child-of constraint, and ended up totally screwing up the eye position while trying to make it work. You’[re also trying to use three different methods to position it, so you’re double-dipping on your transforms.

Here’s my recommendation (to fix Cube.018, after which we can deal with any different problems if they’re actually different):

  1. Delete the constraint on Cube.018. Delete the armature modifier on Cube.018. Unparent Cube.018. Set your armature to rest position.

  2. Place Cube.018 where it should go. Rotation, location, scale.

  3. Select Cube.018, shift select armature, enter pose mode. Select the c_skull_03.x.002 bone. Ctrl p (make parent) → bone relative.

  4. In armature edit mode, reposition c_skull_03.x.002 so that it lies at the center of your eye’s rotation.

Check and reposition as necessary.

How is this? thx for helping btw

If it does what you want, it’s good. I haven’t looked. Does it do what you want?

It kinda does but It’s like the eyes are popped out. They follow the head but the eyes are like cartoons if that makes sense.

It’s your model. You have to decide how you want it to look. If you want my artistic advice (which is very far from expert, I wish I was a better artist) I’d say you need some eyelids.

I started over from the saved rigged model and used the empty for the eyes and it worked. Thx