[help] Scale multiple-objects

Hello, I’ve a project with a big piano with multiple objects (like 6 or more) I want to scale it because it’s very very small. The thing is, I need to scale all the objects at once so I can get a final result equal to the previous. What I mean, in other words, how can I resize a full set without moving parts from it’s original reference? Thank you!

You should be able to select all of the objects and then scale them just like you would scale one object. Is that not working for you?

No. If I select multiple objects and then press S to scale it either they go to opposite sides or if I select from it’s pivot positions nothing happens. I just wanted to resize ‘everything’ to a bigger size because I made my object very small and it’s very complex now to be scaling each individual element one by one and ‘matching’ all together back again.

Select everything and use ‘Median Point’ as the pivot.

Nevermind, I just needed to turn on the ‘manipulate center options’ option in order for it to work well.