Help stop me from making yet another pixel editor!

I am working on an image editor for pixel art, but I’m wondering if I should just make an extension to an existing editor like Blender. My editor “Rasteri” uses 3D under the hood. My idea is to allow the user to edit pixel art assets with normal maps asynchronously. I use blender a lot and originally used it for my pixel art. But it is tiring to preview at the final low resolution by rendering. A billion f12’s later I started making this editor so I could have a real time low rez viewport.

Rasteri (early dev snapshot)

I am aware of the “performance” options included with the Cycles tool-set. That is close, but this doesn’t respect the zoom or even the x/y render resolution in relation to pixel size.

I figure blender must already have a way to do this, or perhaps it could be done with a short blender script. I would even be open to plunging in to the source. C++ was my first programming language, but someone might have to point me in the right direction for this kinda change. Any insight is appreciated.