Help Stretched out part when move rig.

I dont know what happened to my last thread…

Anywayys… In my thread that didnt post idk why.Im new.I suck.I know.I tried rigging then my character has a stretched out part when i move the armature as seen in photo if it shows up.It comes from the cuffs.I dont know how to remedy it

Please offer solutions.Any help is appreciated :smiley: Thanks for helping out a crappy modeler and rigger lol.

LowPolyKnight_Weighted.blend (598 KB)

When you see rigging problems the answer is the same, check the vertex weighting for ALL bones.

In this case the forarm bones are wighted correctly, some vertices are being influenced by the bone.Go into weight painting mode and add weight to the correct bone vertex group

Ahh…Makes sense lol.Thanks alot for your help.I hate weight painting.Very finicky.Well thanks to you I could finish lol.Not great but at least a start.