Help, Texture Bugged on Cell Fracture

Ok, So I want to make a block fall on top of a mans head and break so i get cell fracture

So I put in the following

I tried changing the verts, particles materials you name it but no matter what I do this always happens

If anyone can tell me why the texture isn’t staying the same that would be awesome

Because it’s not the same object, when using Cell Fracture as you probably have noticed, multiple objects are created that together fit the selected object, so no matter what was the UV unwrapping of the initial object, now every shard has its own.

To resolve that I would try joining all the shards together, selecting the external faces, going to front/side view and UV unwrapping them with “project from view (bounds)” and then separating the shards again. This should work, let us know!

I get an error when joining the blocks for some reason. But my main concern is I copied a youtuber who used cell fracture on that exact same block. But for some reason he got a different result do you know why? I tried adding rigid body physics and playing around with e settings but I can’t get it

Ok, so it worked except that every texture is all bunched up together into that 1 block

Scratch that I fixed it thanks for the tip