Help the noob impress his boss with 3D printing...please

I’ve been a 3D artist for several years - using other people’s models. I’ve fiddled around with Sketch Up, but that’s about it. Now I am trying to learn Blender and create my own models. My boss thinks this is great and wants to use it for new product design - I’m all for it!

I have created my first item and it looks good IMHO and prints well enough. See the attached image. However, there is a problem I am hoping someone can help me with.

As it is now, the mesh is basically solid with a shaft knocked out of the middle. The areas with the “ice cubes” are solid. I would like to convert this model so the interior of the object follows the outer surface with a thickness of something like 3 mm.

It seems to me, there should be a way to select all the outer faces without getting the inner ones, then copy them and do something like apply a solidify modifier. Is that possible?

Any help would be most welcome, as I say - I am very much a noob.


Ice Towel Bottle Decimated.blend (5.53 MB)

What type of 3d printer are you using, it can really decide on final outcome. plus what is that?

The easiest way would be to delete all the unwanted interior vertices and use a solidify modifier to do the thickness. Depending on the medium for the printing, some faces might need some support, but it should get you closer to what you want, I think.

(Oh, and you might have to do a little clean up on some edges that wind up overlapping.)

I was afraid of that…the inside is kind of a mess. Oh well, can’t be lazy all the time!

Thanks for the helpful response!

I’m using a Replicator 2 and the item is basically a plastic jar with an ice cube look to the surface. In production, it will be molded with a screw on lid - kinda like a soda bottle.