Help to buy gpu card

Hi. Which Nvidia’s card is minimal for Cycles GPU Rendering? I need low-cost priority GPU Card and which CUDA use? 2.0 sm or 2.1 sm cards? I need card between 150-200 $.

Geforce 660.

I want buy one of this:

Which is “best selected” for me? Why cards costs are different and what is names of payment systems which use Thanks

Hi, depends on your CPU you don´t have much fun with GTX 650, see my benchmark file

File on first page.

I bought my GTX 560Ti 448 Cores for 140 € and it is more than double as fast as 650Ti.
In a few weeks the GTX 750Ti comes out and the 600 cards goes cheaper.
The 750 should be faster than a GTX 660 but slower than a GTX 660Ti.
I would try to get a used GTX 660/660Ti with 2 GB VRam.

Cheers, mib.

You didn’t mention what currency. I’m guessing USD isn’t the same as Uzbekistan’s currency. I have the GTX 650 ti. It only costs 120 USD or so and it is amazingly fast compared to blender internal. But it’s not as good as the cards these guys have recommended. My experience is that when you give a price range everyone in the forum is going to link you the most expensive card they can find in that price range. If ur upgrading from a non nvidia card almost any card will be lightyears faster. though you don’t want to spend money on something that you’ll just want to upgrade a month later.

Cuda core count isn’t the only factor. As far as I can tell there are 3 major factors. Cuda core count, bandwidth, and memory. A card with less cores but high bandwidth will outperform one with less bandwidth and more cores. I wanted the 660 myself, but could only afford the 650.

Anyway, thanks for your replys. And last questions, can use gt 640 SM 2.1 or gt 660 SM 3.0 cards for my medium-end pc to use Cycles?

I don’t know what SM is but as long as you have the right slot and enough power you should be able to. Make sure you check the diminsions of your card to see if it will fit in your case as well as the cards power requirements and whether it is pci or pcie.

I have PCI-E 3.0 slot on my board and i know about it. But i want to know about GDDR3. Cause, i search on google and in my country. Geforce GT 640 2GB DDR3 128-Bit a little bit lower than GTX 650. So if Gt 640 = $95, Gtx 650 = $136 in my country. And what is true-way? Gt 640 or Gtx 650 with $41 more price?

The DDR3 is a memory type. Most computers today for normal computing are ddr3. I think. ddr5 is new. It may be that ddr5 has taken over. I don’t understand the difference, but I know unless your computer had ddr5 ram it doesn’t matter. I looked up those 2 cards. they are very much alike. I have the gtx 650 ti. There is a big difference between the 650 and the 650 ti. I think there is a 650 ti Boost version too which is the best one. Yeah I just looked it up. HUGE difference between 650 ti and the Boost version. only about $10 difference in cost though. If you have $150 USD I’d go with the 650 ti Boost. If not the 640 with 2GB ddr3 looks pretty damn good to me, but I am not a pro at these things, just spend a lot of time browsing. I wish I had bought the Boost one, but the 650 ti is what I got and it was a massive improvement over my ati 5570. Esp since blender doesn’t use ati. But it even raised my windows score to 7.1 from 5 something. it’s selling for $149 USD But really if you can get the 650 ti Boost. Much more bang for your buck. Faster, more memory, more bandwidth.

Feel free to correct me if I say something wrong guys. I don’t know these things as well as some ppl on here.

Hi, I had a GTX 550Ti 2 GB GDDR5 VRAM, my first Cycles card and in a german blender forum somebody had a 3 GB GDDR3 VRAM.
This card was much slower than my GDDR 5 card, don´t buy a GDDR3 card.

Cheers, mib.

@BrentNewton, thanks for details.
@mi2berlin, are you mean GT 640 2GB GDDR3 128-bit 384 CUDA Cores much slower than GTX 550 Ti 2 GB GDDR5? Am i right?

Hi odil24, yes.

Cheers, mib.

But it have just 192 CUDA Cores? Is it doesn’t matter than 384 CUDA Cores?Thanks.

The Cores of 500 and 600 are different, you can´t compare them by numbers.
Here is a benchmark spreadsheet, you can search with ctrl + f in the list.

Cheers, mib.

Thanks for link.
And finally after saw benchnark, i want GTX 560 Ti 448 CUDA. Cause, its more low-price than GTX 580, but difference with those. Anyway, i’ll buy it.
Thanks to all.

Very very hard for me to make decisions on buying gpu’s. It seems that there’s always a better card if only I’ll spend just 10 more dollars. Glad you found one.

Thanks BrentNewton!