Help to create an image preview panel

(EpicArcher79) #1

I have been struggling with this for a couple of days, can anyone shine a light on me?

I want to create a panel with some of the textures that I have already loaded on a scene… Similar to this one. Any help ? thanks!

(dandrea) #2

I’d like to make something a little different (use an image as background for a Panel), but I’m curious about this one as well.


(Dimitris Chloupis) #3

I have released yesterday Morpheas , a secondary Blender GUI API which uses bgl for the creation of custom guis. It does what you want pluse it has the added flexibility that it allows you greater control than the default Blender GUI API.

Its kinda very early stage right now with limited documentation and features but it works and can do what you want.

It can also do what dandrea wants. The disadvantage is that if you layer above a panel that scrolls or collapses/expands you will have to address that yourself manually. The easiest way is to display in a part of the window that has no scrolling and does not overlapp with existing buttons etc so you dont have to deal with this issue.

It will still work , its just Morpheas does not take into account the existing Blender GUI as my intention was to create GUIs that lives outside side panels etc to avoid the bloat.