Help to make a custom shaped hole in a mesh.

I was trying to make some simple happy robot ( lol )… I need to put a smile on it’s face…as we normally see in simple cartoons/animations…the mouth has to be a …what to say… a moon-like hole :stuck_out_tongue: Like one in the attachment…I didn’t get how to create such thing on a mesh :stuck_out_tongue: Making a hole is not a problem…but that has to be a smile shaped and the material for it has to be different too :stuck_out_tongue: The head is a cube or simple sphere. I hope you guys understood what I’m trying to say…


Add default circle. While in edit mode, add another, a bit away from the center of the first. Move so that you get intersected shape like you need.
Erase vertices not needed.
Extrude vertices of the upper part, scale horizontally 0, move where upper part of the rectangle will be.
Do the same for the lower part.
Subdivide horizontal parts some if needed, extrude to the sides.
Use LoopTools addon Space to get equal distances between vertices and Relax if needed.

Add Curve Circle.
Go edit mode select left, right points and change Type to Vector on T-panel. Select upper point and shape mouth.
Do the same, like above. Ah, you need to convert it to mesh before - Alt-C.

Oh thanks a lot :slight_smile: