Help trying to reate photorealistic concrete structure

im trying to create a system for rendering photorealisic skateboard parks could anyone suggest what i could do to improve on this? im lost ive played with materials lighting and compositing but it still seems to look gc to me.

Hi, you say you have played with materials and lights, I think you should play a little more, especialy with materials. Good materials give a lot of realism to an image. The modeling itself looks good. Your texture looks like a simple noise texture, concrete usually has streaks from weathering, especially from rain and other imperfections.
Have a look at some real photographs of real skate parks and concrete materials and try to recreate them procedural, or you could also take some photos of concrete and make a tillable material, or there are many free texture sites to help you (for example )

A more helpful reply :slight_smile:

I remembered I made a concrete texture with rusty streaks in my texture experiments a while ago. I have made the streaks black and white instead of rusty and it looks quite convincing as weathered concrete. Here is the result and the file with the nodes. Feel free to use and play around with the nodes.

The file with the nodes
Concreate.blend (957.9 KB)