Help: Trying to work out "Multi-Modifier"

Hi folks. I’m using 2.57.1 and trying to set up a rig (on a horse) using both an armature (legs etc) and a mesh deform (mainly for the neck). I’m reading here that: A) The armature has to be ‘below’ the mesh deform on the mod’ stack. B) The armature has to have the “Multi Modifier” option checked. C) Vertex groups should be used to restrict the action of each modifier. In rigging the neck, I’ve set up a vertex group (Neck_DEF) for the mesh to operate on, and I use the inverse of the vgroup for the armature. I’ve weight painted the deform mesh to follow the armature (and added an armature modifier to it). The problem is that if I select “Multi Modifier” on the armature modifier of the model mesh, the mesh deform ceases to have any effect at all. Can anyone confirm the effect of “Multi Modifier”. Will I have problems if I DON’T turn it on? Thanks in advance. Ross.

Oookay. I think I have it. Because I’m using a vertex group (and its inverse) to limit the action of the modifiers, I don’t actually need the multi modifier option. I experimented with removing the vgroups, and it might actually be a better way to go as it’s possibly a little easier to fine-tune the needed shape keys. When not using a vgroup (or groups) I ‘do’ need the multi-modifier option turned on, or I get the expected ‘double deformation’ issues. Thanks for your time. Ross.