Help Unwrapping and Object

I’ve never really done an uv mapping or unwrapping of objects, and I was given a fairly complicated object that I need to unwrap and texture. Making the texture is something my friend and I can handle, but I was wondering if someone would be willing to help me out with setting up the face layout and unwrapping the object.

It was made in 3D Studio Max, but all I have and know how to use is Blender, so I was just importing it into Blender. I didn’t make the object, so if it’s not the best for unwrapping, I apologize. I don’t know what makes it easier for unwrapping, or else I would attempt to fix it a little bit.

I’m sorry to ask for someone else to do my work, and normally I would take the time to figure it out myself, it’s just I only have a couple weeks to get a full animation done, and I’m also a full time student, so if it’s too much to ask, I apologize.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me!

Also, if someone does end up helping me, are they going to have to post a .blend? I mean, what exactly keeps track of how the faces are unwrapped?

Anyway, here’s a link to a folder containing the file. It’s the only one in there:

Why the heck do you want to unwrap it in total? Separate the MB in different objects, this takes short time.

You’re probably better of without UV-Mapping, using normal mapping input methods.

Is there a way to split an object into separate meshes? Like the opposite of ctrl + j? If there is, that would be much easier. I just didn’t know it existed.

Sorry about that.

Very simple: Select the vertices you would like to seperate, press P->Selected.

It’s very simply with your mesh, because you can select linked vertices. Select one vertex of a part, press Ctrl-L. So it’s very easy to separate the parts (begin with the great plane).

Move the different objects to different layers and name them properly. You may also consider to remodel some of the parts, to get better (without artifacts) objects.

It may be helpfull if you use linked objects for the more complex parts, like the ram. So you have to texture only one object, and the rest will be textured identically.

So texturing and animating will become a breeze.