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This is just a friendly reminder to tell you that posting questions with a proper title can help you get better help faster. By making the title of your post as specific as possible, your message will most likely attract the people who are the most likely to help you. Not only will this make the board easier to read, but it will also enable people to answer more questions faster by pointing them to the one they can answer.

Big thanks to all of you who are taking the time to post answers.


Edit: Read this if you want a little more in depth review asking questions, it’s written more for technical stuff but it’s still highly applicable:

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That’s all very well, but how do you do that? And how & when can I find the post that I just posted? It seems to have vanished and there is nothing to tell me what the story is. I have seen alot more user-friendly discussion boards than this one. Any chance of improvement on this one?

Thanks, Leonardo

PS Seeing that this is the only place I’ve been successful at putting my desired mark I’ll ask my question here.

I have an Intel 82810 graphics card and I have Blender 2.31a installed. Will this card allow me to do anything? If so, how much? And if my local supplier doesn’t have one of the best ones on the list, will any other hardware accelerated 16 bit colour card do?

Well, to do a search, to see if your question has been answered already, you click the button on the top right that says ‘search’, and to post a question, click the ‘new topic’ button on the left. (to start a new thread)

A good title also enables others with similar problems to find the question instead of repeating it.

I for one do not count vacuously titled posts as potential content, no matter how much punctuation they have (and don’t accept criticism for excluding them from my search).

If you look above your post, you’ll see

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which means that this post here is the only post of yours on these forums.

Most likely you clicked “Preview” instead of “Submit”, or maybe your connection or elYsiun just happend to go sideways when you sent it (it happens, just send it again)

phpBB is one of the most user-friendly forums I’ve seen. Sure it’s not perfect, but you could do a lot worse.

Well actualy its nto alwys there they click on that bloody title but if nothign internesting is inside they wotn help you in this forums and i know it :x

Matoxo, I read all your 5 messages.

Noone was properly worded yet you had very appropriate and sound answers by very nice community members.


That’s not the case usually, and I’m not the only one who think so - have a read of

ummm… plz clarify

^.^ agrees with the thread starter

Another point that hasn’t been lifted is that if your post is specifically worded, then you’re helping out your fellow puzzled blender-users who may have the same questions.

thats all right and before posting a new thread please search the forum with the search buttonn in the upper right corner.

A question : I started a thread with a rubbish title (Newbie First BLend ) Is there a way to update that title or should I just start a new one ?

If you edit the post (There’s a Edit button at the top) you can change the title there.


A like your sticky very much…

HIHIHIHI :slight_smile: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, perhaps a forum called “Using Blender” would be nice, where once a properly titled and answered question could be copied to and made read only. Know I’ve found quite a few answers to my questions already with simple searches, but found several others because the topic title grabbed my attention.

Can anyone tell me why Blender 2.37 saves my current project over past work? And how do i fix it?

Its starting to make me mad because i put a lot of time into my last Render

Go to and download Blender 2.37a. It just came out and it has quite a few bugfixes. Hopefully that will fix your problem.



OS X 3.9 …

As I’m new to Blender (BTW congratulations) I’m finding some functions seem to be operating in a completely opposite fashion than as describe … Maybe this will shake out later as I delve deeper into the experience …

So far I find this application quite functional, however is their a command for placing single vertex in any given space

hey everyone, ive got to make a city for a business who might want to employ me. they have set me the task to make a small city using blender to see what i can do, and seeing that i havnt used it before, they also want to see how quickly i learn. ive got the BARE basics, but any hints and advice would really help. thanks heaps.