HELP: UV Mapping/painting a coild around a cylinder...

Ok, this isn’t technically asking how to UV Map/Texture a screw per-say but more like say, something that looks like it needs to screw into something else. I need to be able to texture some kind of coil around a cylinder rather than modeling it.

Making a cut down one side of the cylinder, laying it out flat and painting a line that zig zags from side to side doesn’t work as the points where the line meets up will be opposite on both sides. Any ideas?

If you want to use procedurals, you can set up a wood texture and have it mapped to an empty then move/rotate the empty until you get the angle you want. You can start out mapping the texture to cylinder and then switch around the x, y, and z positions to get the direction running perpendicular to the length.

If you then need it to be an image mapped to uv, you can map a blank image to the mesh and then bake the procedural texture to the image.

Just a thought.

No, I don’t even know a whole lot about what procedural textures are used for. Aren’t they for rendering inside of Blender itself?

I’m creating a low-poly weapon model that will go inside a video game.

So, I’m trying to use Photoshop CS2 to create the texture but what I’m having trouble understanding is how to map it out so that it looks like something that screws into something else. What I am making essentially is a valve for a gas tank.

Okay, so if you have already unwrapped your mesh, swap over to texture paint mode with a new blank image to test, and use the paint tool inside the 3d view to make your marks where you need to line up, then take it to CS3 and clean it up.