I made a excellent looking couch and whenever i uv map it it turns out a mess as my picture expalins below
Copy and paste link above in your address bar!!!
Even if i use sphere or cube it always messes up and look horrible and i can uv or texture it manually because my model is 7000+ polys!!!

Please tell me a way i can uv map it properly or apply textures to it!!!
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Use LSCM. ( do a search ) Or, if you want to attempt it manually ( shouldn’t be too hard ) try my tutorials.

I tryed LSCM and it still didnt work right!!! Its impossible to UV map!!!

make more seams.

You also need to play with the seam placement to find the best, most efficient unwrap. It will take some time to get there, beleive me.


Start over with a simple cube and experiment with four maps u should make; a nor (deformation) map of light and dark creases that will make the cloth wrinkled. Another speckly map for nor that makes a velvet texture, a col (color map) that maps the color of the material to faded sections of the couch, a ref reflectivity map that is lighter where the seats are because the cloth is worn and has a higher sheen there.