HELP ! w/ imported character and rigging

So, before my journey begins, I want to apologize for my bad english ! So feel free to correct me. :wink:

My problem now : I have a well made character (Ellie from The Last Of Us :p), already textured and all. But first i’m not sure about how to import it : I imported first the .obj in my blender, then in another layer the .dae file. The .obj file is the one with all the textures and materials… And the .dae file is the one with the rigs.

Now i’m asking you guys (and girls!) for tips and what I have to do next. I want to animate Ellie but i’m not sure which file to use and stuff. :no:
So I hope you can help me and thanks for reading.

Pics are in attachments !

PS : First pic is the one the .obj file with texture on. Second pic is without textures. Third pic is the .dae file with the rigs in the second layer.

PPS : It’s my first time posting on this forum, and I’m not a pro in blender so please don’t yell at me if I do mistakes or wrong stuff :frowning:

File if you want to check it out :

Ellie - rigged 3d model with textures from VG “The Last Of Us”
Rigged with custom rig.
Static model provided by luxox_18 (included in archive)


Still no idea what I’m doing ! :no:

So after experimenting a bit, I realized that the “rigged” (.dae) file is the armature. But now I think I have to kind of mix the armature and the mesh/obj thing. Am I right ? How do I do it ? And if not, What do I have to do ?

Where are you trying to import to? Unity? I usually do my animation in Blender, and export the model with the animations as .fbx

First of all, thank you for your respond. What I meant by importing is to import the character into blender, because there are a lot of parts in the file, but I’m not sure how to do it.

Well, it looks like you have a mesh, textures and an armature. So far, so good.

Gah! Looks like one of those armatures where all the bones are tiny and separate, not connected like an actual skeleton. That will make it harder to visualize what you are doing.

Can you go into pose mode and manipulate the character?

First of all, I fixed the bones by importing the COLLADA file with the armature option : Find Bone Chains. (See first Attachement)

But you said I have a mesh, textures and an armature. True, but the armature is not at all connected to the mesh and texture. I managed to find out that the armature had a mesh with it, kind of hidden though, with textures and materials. (See second Attachment)

But as you can see, it’s all blank and shiny white. Am I on a good track ? Or is it another problem ?
If I’m right, how do I fix this ?

Thanks in advance.