Help wanted - Annoying Blender problem

Lately, blender shuts down after about a half hour. I have searched high and low for a way to fix this, and have reinstalled blender three times allready, yet the problem persists. I have windows xp sp2, 512 megs of ram, MSI V-class mother board with intergrated graphics.
I wonder if anybody else has encountered the same problem?
I am eager to start animating without worrying that blender will shut down and erase all my progress.
Your help and time is very much appreciated, thank you.

that sounds like a nasty thing for blender to do :frowning: anyway, i dont think i can help you here but i would advise saving your work more often.

First run Blender from the console, dos_prompt, command line like this:
(path to blender exec)/blender -d
This option will allow the debug output to be printed to the console window and so you’ll be able to tell us (and yourself) more about the cause of the crash (overdrawn memory, segmemtation fault…)

Learn about the autosave feature or, more simply to save often. Myself I call my project ‘Something_000.blend’ on first save and then I use the F2 and NumPad + keys to automatically update the save to 'Something_001.blend,…Something_002

Also render to a series of images rather than directly to a codec or avi_raw and the likes. It make further manipulation simpler and more powerful and if the rendering crashes you don’t have to restart all over again but simply render the missing images.

have you the same problem with other Open Gl or Direct X intensive(ex: big games) applications?

Nope, I never have that problem with big games, although I must admit I don’t play them often.

I have similar system specs, and never have experienced that kind of problem with blender. My main problem was putting too many triangles in the game engine, but then it would only crash when I hit “p”.