Help wanted Plzz

although it may seem like i need alot i really just need the city of dunn model ill texture everything and a combo system thats all really i need help learning

are you talking about Dunn, North Carolina, USA ?

Contact the County Courthouse, Deeds & Properties section (whatever it might be called there). The local government may have resource maps that include at least the footprints of buildings in the city. From there it may be a simple matter of tracing the footprints and extruding upwards to build all the buildings. Best case, they may be able to help you acquire GIS data files.

GIS (Geographical Information System(s)) is a whole degree field now, so bazillions of digital maps containing various information are available if you google enough and ask around.

GIS typically uses its own (not blender) software (GrassGIS comes to mind). But there is an addon to help: BlenderGIS. This lets blender read GIS format files and load them (~some~ of them are 3d topography models). shows the buildings on “some cities” if you zoom in close enough. Screen capture this, trace footprints & extrude upwards.

The Russians have, which is sort of like google-maps, but it shows the buildings in pseudo-3d. It used to let you rotate the world in 3d to see relative building heights, but it looks like the service is no longer free (? have to sign up, subscribe ?). This site doesn’t have buildings in North America – I’m listing it just to show you what is out there. Keep looking.

Best of luck!