HELP! Weight Paint Not Able To Paint Internal Polygons? :(

I have build a simple 3d Gingerbread man and am attempting to rig for the first time. For the most part, all is well, but I can’t for the life of me get weight paint to properly select all the polygons. As seen in the image below:

  1. My simple gingerbread rig
  2. Seems to be weight-painted properly, with all apparent vertices painted,
  3. But when I pose her the ‘frosting’ shapes (on the wrists, ankles, chest and cheeks) leave some polygons behind
  4. which as you can see from image 4 (highlighted in green) is because (I believe) they are merged into the larger figure, but their internal vertices remain. I can’t get at these in weight paint.

Is there a way to either A - weight paint internal vertices, or B - remove internal vertices so they don’t interfere. Any help would be greatly appreciated, because of course I have already saved my file, and the alternative is remaking the entire project from scratch :frowning:

I should also add that I am working in Blender version 2.69

Fast fix is to paint while in the adjusted, extreme pose so that the verts ‘pop’ back into following the bone as desired

Instead of weight painting the vertices, while in edit mode you can select the vertices and add them to the corresponding vertex group for the bone group. I’m not sure this is really what you wanted, but this is a way to include vertices without directly weight painting them.