HELP! Where is the ANT Landscape creator?

hi all,
im trying to find a script to create landscapes in blender, similar to the ones in vue 3d,and the ANT landscape creator seems to be the thing, but i dont have a clue how to use it, and the link on the original post is two years old and broken. if anyone has a suggestion on creating landscapes, id appreciate it. if the ANT Landscape creator is still out there, ive wondering if anyone ever wrote a tut. i know id appreciate one. the project im currently am working on calls for rolling hills, and id like to use a landscape generator in other projects. terragen is good, but i cant bring any of it into blender(yet, i think someone is writing a script though, hope that transpires) any and all comments are appreciated


there’s a mirror on last page:

Look the last posts in the thread.
Or maybe you can chek in here.


thanks guys, now i just need to figure out how to use it. i didnt really read the original thread yet. are their tutorials, explanations, walkthroughs, ect, there?

If they’re not there, in the links i’ve seen something…

There are several examples in the thread, but still it is not so complicated to use.
0. Copy the script to blender’s “scripts” folder

  1. Create a plane.
  2. Subdivide it several times.
  3. Change one of your windows to a “scripts” window.
  4. Go to add-A.N.T. landscape…
  5. In the UI menu that pops up play around with the options and click on “generate”
  6. Terrain gets created

well, those are just the very basics :wink:

Hey! Go to the image of a grid in the bottom left corner and click. then go to scripts window which is at the very top, and then click on scripts, click wizards, and then A.N.T lanscape generator.