Help with 2.48 *SOLVED*

For some reason in 2.48, I can’t apply UV textures. Does anybody know why this happens?

Probably because you’re in GLSL mode? You’ll need to set UV mapping in your material, or turn off GLSL mode.

Edit: Wait, is this a GE question? It’s definitely in the wrong forum, regardless.

Do you mean how to use the new UV setup?

It all changed back around 2.46ish.

Now u have to go into edit mode and unwrap the object first, using U. Then u can apply the textures, and the UV Face panel will come up in the edit buttons. It wont appear though, until u unwrap the object.

Its a lot faster now, being able to do it all in edit mode. (face mode doesn’t exist anymore)

Ah, thanks AD. :wink: