help with 2d type game

ive used blender for nearly two years and im not great, but know some basics. ive just started messing around with the game engine stuff and im having a little problem. im just seeing what i can do and messing around before i try making anything worth playing. i got a box to move left anr right and jump. my camera is parented to it - so it always follows the box. ive made the box move only along the x axis using the force button. ive not touched the torque button yet sometimes, the box turns and then because it can only go left and right, usually falls off. i dunno if i explained that well enough but any help is appreciated…

Come again?

Are you trying to say that the box falls off the edge and you want to stop that from happening (You only want it to go left and right) and how to stop it falling?

yeah, basically i want it to only go left and right along x axis, and jump, which would be the z? i only played with force of the x axis but for some reason, the box move in other directions sometimes… if this helps atall. if anyone can tell me how to share the blend file with you all, then ill put it up for you

Upload the .blend on savefile or another file hosting website. - that should be the blend file, take a look. :slight_smile:

If I were to make a game like this one, I would want him to fall off. For if you have a jump button, and you jump from platform to platform. Wouldn’t you want to fall if you miss one of the platforms. Think about that.

I didn’t download the blend, but I’m sure you can do that with a constraint actuator.

Yes, use a constraint actuator. I used that in my side scrolling game.

yay! thanks guys, its working properly now. sorry i couldnt explain it very well… im also having another problem, not as bad as the last tho. Whenever the block jumps left or right, the screen shakes slightly, anyone know why?