Help with 3D animated logos, get in touch

this is probably a bit of an usual request because of the context I am seeking volunteer work for.

I am an adult film producer and I am seeking someone to help me with some animation. The Uk adult industry is dying a death and I am trying to raise my profile.

To do this I am after two small pieces of Animation.

!/ a logo for my Dusk Films company, I already have a logo for this, but its 2D I’d like a slightly animated one if possible, I am happy for the logo to change if the 2d version doesn’t lend itself to 3D or not. I have some ideas but happy for an expert in 3D to let me know there Ideas on this, and if it needs a new logo from scratch I am also open to this.

2/ A animated 3D logo of some opening credits for a series of films I am on making.

I believe that having a more professional look will raise my profile. I have posted in this section just to see if anyone would be willing to help me, just so they can look at our productions and say, I made that, thats my work.

Happy to discuss some free films in return. Because of the nature of my work and although I approach my work very seriously , I don’t want to send links here and break any rules.

There for I ask that anyone who is willing to help either contact me on [email protected] or contact me on Skype mr.rascal29 and we can talk further about what I am after. Including me showing you the existing logos in there current 2d format.

Look forward to hearing from people on this board.


Paul Taylor


I would consider doing this if it weren’t (a) an adult film and (b) for free. Doing work on an adult film, no matter what kind, is a pretty big risk for the animator. You’re asking us to take that kind of risk for free. I hope you understand.

Anyone at all?

Well, associating oneself with a porn company is a pretty risky move, and you’re asking us to do it for free, so no compensation for that risk.

I’m an open minded artist, i’ve been drawing people nude many years in the winter weekends, these days i got lots of nude aquarels male/female. But those where all real people and real drawings and paintings. So i’m interested and not scared about nudity The nude body and all its taboos are of all ages, artist tend to think different on those taboos for us its just not that much fuz

Porn is indeed something else, but i still think even erotic art = art. And its something from this time, not to be ignored.
I never wanted to draw or paint real people in such positions, because i didnt like to frame people as such, but here people dont even know me so internet and blender keeps all anonymous, mail your 2D drawing, if i like the idea i might do it.

I’m real good at painting and drawing, but blender is a bit new to me so lets see where this ends, you can mail me on this site your ideas. Payment in videos, well i dont know, if they got the new logo well then perhaps :), i might do for free or for some museum tickets instead, or well we can later figure that out. But i do it if i like the idea or have a sudden inspiration, as a true artist i dont preform well under time limits, i create what i like not because people tell me to do so within a time frame. Art under pressure doesnt work for it, to me although i did some payed blender work (not yet public) i… well … i got to see and will tell if like to go on on your ideas after you mail me.

It might also turn out to become a 2D /3D combo or just oh well just write me

No pinky, I realise that sometimes when doing my job and its just a job you sometimes forget that this is normal work to me and not to others. I saw this volunteer thread so decided to ask. I realise some may not want to be linked with a porn company, but its really just normal logo modelling work, no rude bits needed in the actual work. I just figured someone might want to say, Hey i did work for that company if not but they still wanted to do it, so they knew they had done the work thats also fine.

I am just thinking of it as a company logo like you would a main stream film company thats all.