Help with a basic mesh deformation

I’m new to blender and modeling. I’m trying to model a corinth column head. I tried to sketch a part of it. I couldn’t figure it out how to model it. I don’t know which modifiers and tools I should use.

Around the column, I have these repeated extrusions. I thought I can model a piece and then I can use array modifier to repeat it around the cylinder. I also have to bend it so that it becomes circular.
I don’t know how to modify a planar mesh to look like the piece I tried to draw.

Anyone can help me? I don’t think it is difficult but, I don’t have any experience. I tried different modifiers but I failed to converge to the final form that I want.:frowning:

One plane loopcutted middle and bevel that edge and extrude that new face, array + object offset and thats it.


Thanks for the answer. But, actually I was trying to model the decorations.

On the lower circular array of motifs, there is one big leaf-like shape and one small leaf-like shape. I can spin a curve and create the basic structure of the lower part of the head but I couldn’t find a way to cut out the leaf like motifs.
Here is what I was doing manually. This is just the lower motifs. I tried to cut the cylinder with other small cylinders and tried to add edges by hand. :slight_smile: But, then I realized that, it not going to be very smooth to do the upper parts by hand. So I gave up and thought about modeling a piece separately. :frowning:

How about add Circle, in edit mode, Menu -> Checker Deselect (Toolshelf bottom -adjust points to deselect) and scale inwards a bit.
Then select all and extrude z column.
If you give yourself enough Circle points you can tweak flutes as you like while using Proportional edit Scale.