Help With A Concept Car 3D Model, Blender Blueprints available


I’m looking to create a 3d model of a concept electric pickup. I have learned blender in the past two months and have created blueprints and the body of the vehicle but struggling with details such as lights, wheels etc… Please help

Hi and welcome to BA.

I can provide some casual help, you can PM the blueprints and what you have so far if you want. I might take a few hours to respond since my schedule is busy.

Alternatively you can also post in the modeling help section where you can get help from multiple people:

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Here are the blueprints. I created them using blender. I’m new here and can’t seem to be able to upload the blender file

You should get privileges after a few posts (i think the minimum is 10).

It’s hard to give advice without seeing what you have so far, sorry.

I just did a quick render, got confused a little with the blueprints but I hope to give you some ideas.Edison_E1_3



Sorry for the late reply, I absolutely love it. It is possible to get the blender source file?