help with a corn feild

Trying to make a corn feild next to a road. obviously i dont have to model all the corn but on the front facing sections i dont want obvious repetition. how can i easily make different stalks on the first row? or do i have to make one and duplicate it and shape each individualy to be different

I’d say to model about 10 different stalks, then scatter all that varieties with particles. It should be varied enough to work.

hmmmm using particles to “plant” corn? does that process have a name? i was going to array it lol

I don’t know if it has a name. You just assign a (or various) particle system to the ground, let it randomize position/rotation/scale a bit, and that should give enough randomness.
An array could be a bit too regular (unless you want the plants to be perfectly aligned).

exactly my thought. is that what the “object” box is for in the particle system tab? sorry i havent really played around with those much

Exactly. You can also set it to pick a random object from a group (for example, your ten corn stalks).
You could also add a particle instance modifier to your corn, that way you can make the shape follow the hairs of a hair system -> even more control and variety.

You can also rotate and scale them differently and also use different textures on each.