Help with a gradient material...


I’m posting this in hopes I can get some assistance with a bit of an issue I’ve hit in attempting to create a simple coffee-cup scene.

First, here’s a render of my work in progress so far…>

What I’m trying to get, is the effect shown in this picture here:

I’d like to have something like that black rim toward the top, that wraps around inside the cup. Now, I know I can do that via separate materials, but I’m not sure about how to get it to blend smoothly and even a bit “unevenly”. It’s an earthenware cup, so it’s not supposed to be “perfect”, and I’d like to recreate that as best I can.

I’m guessing the answer lies somewhere within material nodes, but I haven’t been able to find any kind of tutorial or information that lends itself specifically to what I’m trying to do (at least not that I’ve recognized, but then I’ve never delved that deeply into Blender’s material system).

If someone can provide me some tips, or point in me the right direction to a tutorial, or information that will be helpful, that would be great! I’m not looking for anyone to post a step-by-step, “here’s how you do it”. I’m glad to work through it myself… I’m just hoping for a nudge in the right direction is all :).


You can do this by apply a different texture to the inside of the mug, and then giving the material on the outside a blend texture. I made a .blend file to demonstrate.

mug.blend (460 KB)


Took me a bit of messing around to get it right, but I have some test renders of the gradient portion working right now.

I’m going to look at the other two texture layers you applied and see what’s going on there next.

At first I couldn’t get it to work right, and the gradient kept wanting to map horizontally, even with Vertical mapping enabled. But then I changed the Y axis “TexturMaterialSlot.mapping” drop-down to “Z” and it fixed it. Though I think I understand how they work, I’m not quite sure why it was necessary for me to make that change? Wouldn’t setting “vertical” on the material “Blend” section automatically arrange it that way? Something I need to wrap my head around.

Anyway, thanks again!

So last night, I did some jumping back and forth between your sample cup, youth, and my own model and duplicated the settings as closely as I could. I think it’s coming out pretty well all told.

Did another render, though it’s a bit dark. It’s using the internal renderer, so it’s slow, of course. I’m going to work, next, on converting the materials over to Cycles and see if I can’t get a nicer (and faster) result that way.

Did you figure out how to do it in cycles? I would be interested in your solution.