Help with a small problem

trying to use blender to create statues and such for Second Life… already figured out how to pose the models, created in MakeHuman software and exported to blender, and can modify them to work in secondlife without a problem, except 1 issue I’m having.

As you can see in the second image, there is a small point below the bounding box. problem is that point is marking where the floor will be when I upload the finished mesh to Secondlife… how do I move that point up so that it will be where it’s supposed to be. everytime I try repositioning it, it only squishes the mesh

Put the 3D cursor where you want the origin at. Then select the armature, and object mode. Then menu Object->Transform->Origin to 3D Cursor. If that doesn’t sort it out, post the blend file so we can see what the problem is.