Help with a youtube intro involving water render

I am willing to follow directions if you want to teach me but also gratefully accept if you simply made it without the desire to teach. XD
I am just starting my youtube experience and want to make an intro. Same as on the forum my name is Wizingwizard.

I have two ideas in mind and only need one:
I wanted to create a text “Wizingwizard” give it some depth, bevel it, rotate 90 degrees on x and center it. Then convert it to a mesh. I want it textured with mixed shader( in cycles) with a dark blue glass with a little roughness .05 and a 2.0 IOR, and the same colored blue emissions for the other shader. It make the “crystal” glow a deep blue. This I have done. I am just having a difficult time with the water effects.
Using the above text as a mesh. I wanted to start with a simple animation of the camera. In a black dark world to do a simple pan starting with the text off screen on the right then center up. Then this is where it gets hard for me. I want the text after three seconds, which includes the simple animation in, to turn into water the color of the “crystal letters” and slosh onto a small plane and flow off into the void and out of view. I imagine it like the text becomes water and was spilled on a table and left to flow off.

This one is probably easier. After the animation in have a domain rectangle around the letters. 3 seconds in the top face becomes inflow and water collides with the text and fills the rectangle. Once full the bottom face becomes outflow and it drains. I am having trouble getting it to start at three seconds and have no idea how to drain it once it is full.

I want the full animation to be about 7-10 seconds.

Thank you for your help in advance. I just got shoulder surgery and have some time to work on this.

The first seems pretty easy with fluid simulation and animating the factor of the mix shader (you can use procedural textures to make an interesting transition).

For the second one I’d either let the bottom be a separate mesh that you can control with animation or apply your simulation at that drain frame, switch the container and run a new simulation.

That’s all the advice I can give without the .blend file.