Help with ai please

ok so i want to make a fps game. i am fairly profficent with alot of blender but i fail at python(i dont know a bit of it)
and i wanna add semi advanced AI.this game is for my freind and if u could help at all(with links or tutorials or ANYTHING) u will get your name in the credits and an in game placard!!!
Ps this tutorial is great but i cant download any of the stuff in the tutorial so dont give a link to it please

Here, but if you can’t make ai don’t you think an fps would be a little much?

I’m making the AI for the Krypton Project. Maybe you could use it…

WOW!!!i have seen one Utube AI tutorial…and that was the one!!!WOW!!nvr thought i would chat with u!!!
well keep up the good work and if u want u can be in the credits

Thank u so much
u are in the credits unless u opt not to(its up to you)
thanks again so much

helped with the AI

is how it will appear
unless u want it different