Help with animation.

How do I have it where when an initial animation is playing, all other actions are halted?

Let me explain. Ok, I have my logics set where the character does an action as soon as the GE starts. The problem is that he can still perform his other actions during the animation. How do I set it where you can’t perform any other action until the startup animation is complete?

If you need, I’ll post the .blend file or send it to you via email.


some tips:
offset the aniamtions frames…let’s say, walk start at 1 and end at 20
jump start at 21 and end at 30 and so on

Add properties to the character, and set them in a way that the
charcter can only perform an action when a property it’s TRUE or
=1 or betwenn 1 and 2 or whatever


Give the character a ready property and set it to not. Make ALL his actions depend on him being ready (except the introductory action). You can use this to disable the character any time you want to wrestle controll from the player. (cinematic elements like you mentioned, or having the character freeze or be stunned)

Can you post a .blend file to demonstrate what you’re talking about?

Here’s the .blend file so you can see what I’m talking about:

I figured out the problem. Thanks anyway.