help with blenderMag tutoiral

I just read the first issue of blender magazine, and I got stuck in step 11 in the robot tutorial.
I don’t understand how the eye turned from an Ellipse to a circle.

It tells you to select the 4 “corner” verts and scale them and basically play with the verts until they are round. What I would do, is select all the verts around the eye, press Shift-S and select Cursor -> Selection, then press the To sphere button (set to 100) in the Edit panel. This will set all the selected verts to a perfect circle around the cursor.

do I need to subdivide the top and bottom edges?
when I did to sphere it was ugly and didn’t make the eye round.

and how does it go from this:
to this:

the more vertex you have the close to a reel circle it will be


I think in the Tut, they sub-divided the angled edges at each corner of the opening, which caused triangle faces which they joined with ctrl-J. This gives 4 more verts on your circle.