Help with blocky modeling

I made this account mostly to ask for help, so apologies if this isn’t in the right place.

I am pretty new to blender, so I am still learning, and I have the problem where a lot of my mesh is super blocky. Obvious solution right? Subsurf modifier, right? Well my problem is, it leaves my characters a bit shrunken, and I was hoping somebody had a good way for me to fix that problem, while making my characters less blocky.

Also sorry about the low quality on the texture paint, this model was from earlier this month, and I hadn’t gotten the hang of properly UV unwrapping yet, and my texture was a pretty low resolution

If you didn’t model with subdiv modifier enabled in the first place, you can use the subdivide tool with even different smoothness factors. It’s the same name but a different method (it doesn’t shrink in contrast ti the subdiv mod which smoothes all convex edges inwards).

Yea I don’t like to model with the subsurf enabled because it confuses my smooth brain :sweat_smile:

I’ll be sure to try that out on my next model!