Help with blood running down arm

I recently started an animation in which a guy is in a torture room. The ending of it I want to be focused on his hand as blood runs down the side of his arm and drips off his finger. I have the arm rigged so that the arm moves around and then falls limp right before I want the blood to drop. I tried to just list it as an obstacle but the fluid went right through it. I also have a bigger problem with trying to get the fluid to separate into drops when it hits the end of the dangling finger. One way I was possibly thinking of making the blood run down was making the fluid follow a path. Anyone know if that would work? Any help would be very appreciated.

Dynamic paint wetmaps, and Negative forces on surface, surface tension/friction is your friend in this one, want a demo?

Here is the particle rig, you could go with meta sphere particles, or a dynamic paint/canvas that both adds to displacement and red color, and wetness/spec map, can you use a map for for SSS density and IOR?


BloodDemo.blend (739 KB)

Here is another re-work of blood demo… Please reply to thread, let me know what you think, blood still needs materials work, but is almost perfect :slight_smile:


BloodDemo.blend (615 KB)