help with Cakewalk Home Studio

Hi. I purchased Cakewalk Home Studio 2004 XL and I am having problems at the beginning…

Everything is installed and registered, but I am having problems selecting my output. I have SoundMAX Digital Audio for my sound. Following the guide that came with the software, it tells me to go into Options > Audio. There, go to the Drivers tab to select your output. In the outputs I have three different things: SoundMAX Digital Audio 1/2, SoundMAX Digital Audio 3/4, and SoundMAX Digital Audio 5/6. I have looked all over my pc, but whenever it mentions my sound card, all it says is SoundMAX Digital Audio.

When I select all, or any combination, of these choices, hit ok, and restart Home Studio, it still does not play. I opened the first tutorial file which has several instruments, playing a song I can only guess, and when I hit play… silence.

Can someone please help me? I have asked Cakewalk, but they will not reply to my emails. Thanks.


Try the Cakewalk Home Studio Forum: