Help with camera

In Actuators i have CAMERA and then OBJ: and i can choose object that camera will follow and there are two “options” Y and X and i must choose one… plz help can i dont choose any? like my camera only follow object not rotate left and right (I WANT TO MAKE 2D GAME) sory for bad english PLZ try to understand:P

Instead of that, select your camera, select your object, go into edit mode, select 1 or 3 vertices, and hit Ctrl+P to vertex parent.

Then it will only follow the object, it wont rotate with it.

It isnt so easy like you think its SOFT BODY object and it moves by FORCES and camera cant be parent to it. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT FROM HERE PLZ HELP :slight_smile:

So why can it not be parented? It worked fine for me.


GAME.blend (172 KB)

Thank you…;]