Help with creating a tunnel intersection

Hi there.
As the title says, I’m trying to make a railway tunnel intersection. Here on the picture is how it should look - on the left there’s mesh piece I got at my disposal, on the right there’s two pieces of the mesh put together but one of them is rotated, so you can see how it should almost look like.

I tried several techniques like Boolean Modifier, Geom Tool (in version 2.49b) and Intersection Plugin (in version 2.69) from this site…

… but I’m overwhelmed by any of these (or simply don’t know how to use them correctly), so I decided to ask for help here.

I uploaded *.blend files for both versions, so you can look at it, if you have some spare time…



v269.blend (431 KB)v249.blend (218 KB)

You mean like a 90 elbow?

Nope. I mean 4-way intersection.

But your right image is not center/crossroad tile, its corner tile.
You can still align both objects with snapping.

I found many duplicate vertex in your model. Clean them up first. Also the model is made up of tris. Blender tools work best with quads. Make all faces quads. Since the intersection is symmetrical about X and Y axis, you can work only on one corner of model and use mirror modifier.

It’s not a corner tile. It may be confusing because there are faces that are not visible. Anyway, that picture is just to imagine what I want to achieve. What do you mean by aligning? I joined these two meshes together but it’s not what I expected. For example, by joining these two faces (on this picture) I thought I’ll get 5 faces. But instead I get the same amount of faces. :frowning:

I’m not the creator of the mesh. It’s just imported asset from Fallout 3 game. But I did as you say - I converted all faces to quads, but I can’t see much difference when using mentioned modifiers. :frowning:

If it were me I would split it based on material/texture and use the knife

using the piece on the left, use array modifier and set the offset distance so that it goes on either side of the center piece duplicate that and rotate 90 degrees that will give you the 4 interesecting rails, as for the center piece you may need to delete some of the floor pieces going over the rails that you probably dont want

You will need to redo UV mapping if you follow this:
edit mode - Delete, Limited Dissolve;
insert loopcut along rails midddle groove and delete one half of the track.
Top view, use Knife (keys KZC ) and position knife on the middle line one end; make 45 deg cut, delete faces.
Extrude cut line vertices so that you get 90 deg segment of tunnel.
Select vertex in the middle, put 3d cursor to the selection as you see in the image and in object mode set Origin there.
Add Mirror modifier, check X and Y.
This is as far as can be seen in image; you will have to apply modifier and modify rails using knife and bridging verts.

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand. Can you be more specific?

I don’t understand this either, but your mesh looks almost exactly how I want. Can you, please, send me the *.blend file?

Thank you very much! :slight_smile: