help with cycles brick

i would like a producal material, and it seems like noise textures would just not cut the bill, i tried from simple just noise + diffuse + displacement; to dot products(not a bit useful), sines and tangents and still not working for me, please help

how about this one

happy cl

clearly there are at least two interpretations of what you mean… More information!

Edit: oh I see you have added an image link now. Okay then…

@1832vin: The texture of your brick reminded me some old experiments I made with noises. I started from there and I got this:

Still a lot of work but it should give you some food for your brain. :wink: This is pure Blender noise. :eyebrowlift: I used both a bump map (Displacement in the node tree) and the Displace modifier to really deform the bricks.

Note that altho the texture used for the Displace modifier is the same on all the bricks, they are all unique because I used and abused of the Random input from the Object Info node everywhere. :wink:

See for yourself: Forum RawBrick.blend (415 KB)

Have fun! :smiley:

Don’t hesitate if you have questions about the node tree. I can explain (almost) everything. :eyebrowlift2:

Updated blend file for some obscure reasons… :wink:

akluura thank you!
just perfect

Looks nice … does that displacement really work if experimental is not enabled? Not exactly sure what the history of that feature is.
Also that side brick material does not seem to be used anywhere - did you just incorporate it into ‘brick’?

@Druban: Yes, everything will be as seen on the image without Experimental features.

AFAIK, when “Experimental” is selected, you should be able to make the bump from the node tree (Displacement) work like a Displace modifier, i.e. it will… should move the vertices. I test it from time to time but I always give up on it. Weird result, doesn’t work at all, works too much, and what-not.

And that “Side Brick” material isn’t used anywhere. I just checked and it seems it is applied to no face… only to some vertices. :confused: Really, really weird… (I’m updating the attached file right away. I don’t like dirty things in my files.) :wink:

no, i think the side brick is applied, when you see the top of the brick, there is a colour change, and i don’t spot any layer weight nodes there

Nope! :no: I confirm that this “Side Brick” material isn’t used… at least in no useful way.

The “Brick” material is kind of volumetric. It uses the UV map (A simple projection from top view) and a pseudo “Edge Detector” to make the material go in concentric squares from dark red in the center to pinkish on the outside… with a lot of noises in every corner of the tree to make things less regular. :wink:

And that explains why the brighter spots on the sides go from top to bottom. It can never happen but if you could see the top and the bottom of a brick at the same time, you’d notice the colors are the same. The colors run across the whole brick from top to bottom… but the noise is volumetric… Well, 3D at least. :eyebrowlift: