Help with displacement

Can someone explain or link me to a tutorial on displacement? I thought that it was essentially supposed to be a better looking nor map technique that actually moved vertices to preserve real shadows and what not. However, whenever I try NOR maps, they work fine. But if I try displacement maps, I get a horribly jumped mess of geometries all over the screen that look nothing like the NOR results I had just obtained.

Anyone use DISP? Any help?

Make sure your Nor slider is at 0.00 when using Disp.


Very cool. Got it working. I also needed that info about using the subsurf at render time but not during edit mode. The subdiv would have brought my PC to its knees without that tip. :slight_smile: Thanks for the tips and tut

Only oddness I saw was in the SizeX, SizeY, SizeZ options on the texture. I had to se those numbers way up (20, 20, 20) to get the exact same result as I did with the NOR map (at 4, 4, 4). Not sure why that was. But the final result was SOOOO much better than nor mapping.