Help with dropdown menu and addon approach


I have a problem, I’m creating an addon that will create setups of theater projectors based on 4 inputs by the user, “Projector model”, “Lens model”, “Projector Location” and “Projection Target”.

I have 4 enumerators that need to be able to update based on 4 UILists with user-defined presets for the 4 inputs mentioned above.

So basically the user hits the custom projector button for example, a pop up menu appears, the user defines some custom attributes, like “projector dimensions”, “brightness” etc etc, and when we click ok, a preset appears on the list, the enumerator/drop down menu now lists the custom made preset and the user can, after choosing all 4 required options create a setup with all the properties he chose before.

The main question is, how to make these 4 enumerators update based on the content of the lists and how to make the final setup recall all those custom attributes.

Now, I know it sounds like a total mess, but I’m new to scripting and I need some guidance on how to approach something like this.