Help with Dynamic Text

I’ve been having issues with dynamic text in the blender game engine.

So I have a plane in my game, with a string property of Text and a font mapped to the plane. If I manually enter a phrase into the string, the text displays correctly in-game. However, when I use the property actuator to Assign a new phrase to the property Text, it displays in-game as “[Phrase not found]” instead of as “Phrase”. Why does this happen and how can I fix this?


You must actually include the quotes to denote “Phrase” as a string. So don’t just type in Phrase as a value to assign; type in “Phrase”.

This is because the Property actuator uses a mini language to interprete the operations entered into the value field. You can refer to other properties and constants. To differenciate between descriptors and string constants do what Goran wrote.

Do not worry I felt into this trap multiple times ;).

Thanks for the help guys :slight_smile:

Great Help !
Exactly the info I was looking for too.

So to assign a new text to the String Property Actuator we have to input the text between " ".

But I noticed that to check if the Property is equal to the text we’ve input, the text have to be input without " " in the Property Sensor.

For the Message actuator / sensor the string have to be put between the " " in the two cases, in actuator and in sensor.